its a no brainerd.

since I have just started this blog about my travels, it’s a bit unfair to talk about previous trips. but everyone has got to start somewhere (and i didn’t want this blog to be blank until 2012) so i’ve decided to do a bit of retroactive writing.

Brainerd, Minnesota. Couple’s Vacation #1.

a couple’s vacation had been in plan for quite awhile- evan and myself, krista and her husband jordan, and ted and his girlfriend heather had all been itching to get away from work for a bit, to go somewhere fun and relaxing. the original plan was to go somewhere on the west coast, maybe oregon, and get a beach house. as the time got closer (and the funding got smaller), we opted to save a bit of money and travel up to see our friendly neighbor-to-the-north state, minnesota.

i have been to minnesota many a time. in fact, i used to live in burnsville for a bit, but admittedly never really got out much to explore the town. and everyone knows that the twin cities are a guaranteed good time with many things to do… but this trip had a specific purpose: boats, board games (i’m rather unstoppable at board games), and brainerd.

we ended up staying out at a cute little resort about 50 minutes away from brainerd itself. the resort was called auger’s pine view, located on lake shamineau. the town was called motley and it had a pretty sparse population, but it had the quaint feel of small town living, which i love. because we went over labor day weekend to the week after, most people had already left their cabins and boats behind in search of more… fall-y, winter-y… things to do. but the weather was still perfect and the prices were cheaper so we not going to complain.

the trip was a blast. besides the obvious little hiccups that happen when you travel with groups of people who all have different interests and agendas, there was really nothing to complain about. we went biking. we went mini golfing (and regular golfing!). we they went water-skiing, i tried... it was a weeks worth of fun, relaxation, and hell… it was a time away from work. the only problem was it made me want more.


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