“inertia is a property of matter”

did i ever tell you about the time i met bill nye?

no, your eyes did not deceive you. bill nye the science guy. not to be confused with bill nighy (which would be even more awesome, but i digress), THEE bill nye, you know, the guy who made science cool for you as a kid. the bill nye who wore a bow tie with his lab coat, showing that he’s not only a scientist, he’s a gentleman. bill, bill, bill, bill!

back in the summer of 2008 my friends jimmy and ben and myself made a journey to california. never having been there before, i wanted to see as much of the state as possible. and forgetting that california is roughly the size of, well… the midwest, i made the itinerary, thinking it would be a simple, relaxing trip. we would fly into san francisco, take a (6.5 hour) night bus to los angeles, and then take another bus up to napa valley, then fly back out of san francisco. the obvious choices, right?

the moral is: people shouldn’t let me make the itinerary.

but besides the silly travel schedule that i created, we had a great time. we explored san fran (our hotel was conveniently located right outside of chinatown), stayed with a college friend who happened to live right outside of LA, and got plowed as we toured the beautiful countryside and chugged sipped wine from different beautiful wineries.

while we were in LA we were doing the normal touristy stuff: going to disneyland, seeing the hollywood sign, putting our hands in the handprints at the chinese theater… getting interviewed by bill nye for his upcoming television show…

wait, back.it.up!

so, yes, we all remember bill nye from his days as the science guy on pbs. what some of you may not know is that he continued his career to make other educational television shows, such as the eyes of nye and the television show that i was on, stuff happens. stuff happens was a six part series on the green channel that talked about…um… stuff. environmental stuff. how stuff in your every day life is affecting the world. i don’t know, i can’t give too much detail on this because i never actually saw the show.


i was on it.

bill nye was doing one of those “man on the street” moments where he interviewed random people and asked them questions about the environment. i don’t even remember what question i had or how i answered (i’m assuming i got it wrong if i made it onto the show), but one of my friend’s moms recently told me that she saw me on the re-run of the show.

and now it must be mine.

since i can’t find the youtube videos anywhere online, i am thinking of purchasing Stuff Happens on Amazon.com. i mean, it’s probably well worth the $13.99, no? or if anyone has it and can get me a video clip of the befuddled asian girl stumbling through an answer, please let me know! i will repay you with kindness and smiles. or maybe a photo print or something? i don’t know, i’m not much of a bargainer.

i will keep you posted on my findings. but for now… T-minus seven seconds! Science is cool!

ben, jimmy, other ben, bill nye, and myself. california 2008.


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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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