my kryptonite

overall, i think that i do all right for myself. i have a job i enjoy, my family and friends are top notch. i am what some call the cat’s meow. 😉

but, it has recently come to my attention that i do have one piece of kryptonite just waiting to destroy my body of steel (hey, don’t ruin it, this is my fantasy/blog).

i love…

…i love sad eyes.

there. i said it.

now, i know what you’re saying to yourself. i mean, besides agreeing with me, you might be asking yourself questions like “what the heck are sad eyes? or “is she making this up?” well, let me enlighten you:

in this real life “chicken or the egg” scenario, i will bring you back to when i was around fourteen years old and fell in love with met a young man by the name of tim. i liked many things about young man tim. he was just what my teenage self was looking for at the time- a very scrawny, short male with dyed black hair, punk attire, and an air of “cool.” over time we became good friends (and he got less punk and filled out a bit more). the attraction some-what faded, but the love for his eyes always remained.

looking back, i can’t say whether i originally liked tim because he had sad eyes or if i like sad eyes now because i liked tim, but either way, the kryptonite was formed.

now after this heartfelt tale of teen angst and semi-heartbreak, you might be saying to yourself, “this is a great story and all, amanda, but what is a sad eye?!” i’ve drawn a diagram to help explain.
(…and by diagram i mean i just labeled a portion of a photo.)

as you can see, the eye itself may not be sad. heck, the person the eye is attached to is most likely not sad. but the angle of the eyelid, the expression it gives a person makes it appear as if they could burst into tears at any moment. beautiful, sad-eye tears.

and tim isn’t the only person in the world that has sad eyes. if you are familiar with the television show The O.C., the person who plays teen rebel heartthrob ryan (ben mckenzie) is an example of a celebritied sad eyed wonder. dancing with the stars mark ballas (yum) is another. and if you need more proof these sad eyed beauties exist i have two [three] words for you: JAKE [muthaf&ckin] GYLLENHAAL.

…but it wouldn’t be a problem if it were only celebrities that carried my crippling weakness. i can admire them, i can fantasize about them, no harm done. it’s not like anyone i know NOW, not like anyone i work with could have this sort of specially-bred-amanda-killing eye shape.


ugh. it’s a good thing i only see him like once a year because things could get real creepy real fast. not in a “i would actually do anything” sort of way. …just more in a “i will stare at you until you notice, then continue to keep staring because now those beautifully sad eyes are trained on me” sort of way. you know, absolutely normal stuff. i mean, i’m pretty sure it’s a compliment if you were to say to someone, “all in all i’m not that attracted to you, but i would make you marry me solely for your eyes if given the chance.” yeah, that’s complimentary, right?

[and no, jessica, i will not include a photo to further my embarrassment, although i wouldn’t put it past me either. maybe for your birthday when this thread is long and dead.] 

[okay, you talked me into it]

evan, on the other hand, has perfectly normal eyes. beautiful eyes, in fact. brown, large, almond shaped, with looks so cute he could melt you by glancing in your direction (i don’t let him do that to people anymore, it is a mess to clean up). and given the chance, i don’t think i would want him to have sad eyes because i think it would take something away from how he looks now, which is almost perfect to me.

but still… i have to admit. the sad eyes have a certain pull over me. and i don’t really mind drooling over  staring at  admiring  crushing on …ahem. occasionally glancing at co-workers/friends/celebrities/random people on the street that have them.

but now that i’ve bared my soul, i need to know a few things:

1) does anyone else have any strange weaknesses they would like to share with the class?
2) does anyone else have pictures of people i can stare at and keep in a secret file on my desktop? (i think this is my version of porn, haha)


13 responses to “my kryptonite

  1. I never noticed that before. I think I have normal eyes.

  2. mmm…sad eyes-ya mean”putty in your hand eyes”…needless to say I fully agree with your sad eye theory.

    Mine….tall guys-the taller the better….Kris Humphries is my latest crush!…

    • i had to google him, but i don’t disagree that he is crush-worthy. 🙂 i dated a guy that was 6’7″ once, but seeing as i’m only 5’3″ i will leave the taller guys for you!

  3. I agree that Evan is a heartthrob. End of story. Great blog – you are one of the most interesting people I know.

  4. har… har… har…

  5. I guess I’m not sure if that is a complement or if I am being put down. As the comment is from Jessica I am going with the assumption that she is making fun of me. Your day will come, Heth.

  6. It was a compliment and a put down towards Lundberg.



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