a 2-Year toast

evan and i have “officially” been dating for two years. since we didn’t really have a set date we called each other boyfriend/girlfriend (wow, that sounds cheesy), we decided that thanksgiving was an appropriate day. 2 days before thanksgiving we had our first date. the night before thanksgiving he saved me from making a huge mistake at the bar (turkey trotting, never a good idea). and on the night of thanksgiving we met up again and went out for dinner and a movie. that weekend i went to visit him up in mason city, and the rest is kind of history from there.

i’m not saying things are perfect now or that things have ever been perfect. both evan and i have made a lot of mistakes in our lives, before and after being with each other. there have been times i wanted to throw in the towel because i know i deserved better and there have been times i know i have been crazy and irrational and treated him in ways i shouldn’t.

but really, there is no one i’d rather go through these imperfections with. i love that we don’t quite match up in interests (he’s very outdoorsy, i am a computer nerd), but match up in values. i love that our families get along so well. that we get to cuddle on the couch under a blanket and watch cheesy movies like christmas vacation. that we can make fun of each other and not take it personally. that he’s not the jealous type and still allows me to be me.

anyway, in honor of two years with mr. evan peterson, here are 10 of my favorite photos of us:

This is the first picture that Evan and I have documented. It was on Thanksgiving in 2009 and we had gone out to dinner and then to a movie. Unfortunately, there were no good movies in the theater at the time and we had to settle and see “Old Dogs.”  This was also before Evan told me he hated getting his photo taken, so I got some good ones where he couldn’t complain.

New Years, kicking off 2010. I just like this one because he looks so handsome.

This photo makes me laugh every time because I just feel it describes our relationship so perfectly. Evan is a biker and skate skier, but he has asthma problems sometimes. I didn’t realize our photo was being taken at this moment, but I feel this is probably what I said to him while he was recovering.

Taken at one of Evan’s favorite spots in the world, the Iowa State Fair. This photo was taken AFTER he told me he hates photos, so I love the big grin he gave me.

At Derek and Linsey’s wedding in 2010. Evan was a few hours late to the reception because we had argued on the phone whether or not he had to dress up. He had decided not to- left town, felt guilty, and went back home to iron some dress pants and throw on a tie. And he looks gorgeous.

The man and I in Seattle, in front of the first Starbucks. This was our first vacation together and Evan’s first time on a plane. My shirt says “Everyone Poops.” 

Halloween. I LOVE Halloween, I love making a fool of myself. Evan does not, nor does he like to go out and party, so I always choose simple costumes for him. This year we went as Wolverine and Storm (X-Men). I bought the claws and borrowed the leather jacket. My friend Krista styled his hair, please notice the fine details. We take our Wolverine’s very seriously. 

I love this. We were grooming ski trails one night a bit outside of our home. The night was so quite and calm and we saw nocturnal wild-life, and just cuddled on the ski groomer while defining the trails. We also look like we are entering Mortal Kombat with our facemasks. Evan can be Reptile, I call Scorpion. “GET OVER HERE!”

Ahh, Halloween again. This year we went as Dexter and a victim. I bought him the shirt that Dexter wears and everything else we took out of his closet. My costume was relatively cheap, but slightly complicated to make. But regardless, I wore my grey chucks. And I got fake blood on them, but that is a small price to pay for how fantastic these costumes turned out.

Our most recent photo, on Thanksgiving 2011, marking our two year anniversary. We didn’t do anything special just the two of us, but we had Thanksgiving with his family (a total of 45 people were in the house), and then halfway through the day we made our way to my grandparents’ house to see my family. We both love this time of year because it gives us a chance to hang out with our families, eat big meals, and just be thankful for all the good things in our lives (which are plentiful).

So that’s our last two years in a nutshell!  Here’s to two years, and to many, many more!


2 responses to “a 2-Year toast

  1. To start my comment…..

    I just want to say that Evan is lucky that I talked Amanda into giving him a chance.

    Second, Evan should really stop calling me. Two years qualifies as a serious relationship and it’s getting a little old.

    Third, amanda and I will always have a…. um….. unique relationship. NO ONE WILL EVER TOUCH THAT! WHAMMY!

    lastly, I want to say that it has been a fun two years with both of you. I feel like you bring out the best in each other. It is a pleasure being friends with both of you and jordan and I love spending time with you two. We look forward to living so close to you guys! Cheers!

    • you make a girl blush. 🙂 we will have to visit your new house soon before jordan decides we can’t be friends anymore and moves us to the bottom of “the list.”

      secret lover… i mean,

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