sometimes i hate routine– i hate knowing that i have to be some place at some time and i’ll be doing the same thing as i did before… and i’ll be doing it again.

and yet sometimes, sometimes i find it strangely comforting. when i don’t have a routine, i find myself wondering what to do with myself. if there’s some task i should be accomplishing or some goal that needs to be set.

because here’s the thing about amanda lundberg. i am never satisfied with who i am. there are phases of contentment, but i always think i should be doing something to better myself. i want to learn languages. i want to get good at guitar. i want, i want, i want.

but i rarely ever do.

and then i complain.

so this is where routine steps into play. if i realize there are things about myself i want to change or get better at, i have to actually take steps in that direction or really, i just need to shut up. but one thing i am good at is making lists. so here goes another one:

1) I want to learn how to play guitar. i know how to play guitar in it’s simplest form. i know the four basic chords that make up a lot of songs- i could probably play along with any christian camp sing-a-long (yes, be impressed). but i can’t play a b chord. i can’t keep a strum pattern. i can’t play through a full song by myself.

so what am i going to do about it? well, i’ve started taking guitar lessons with an old college friend who lives in mason city. and after my second lesson i can now play through the song Skinny Love (Bon Ivers) without a problem. sure, it’s not in the original key he sings it in and i still stumble through some strumming issues… but i can play it. heck, i can even sing it *cough*when no one is around*cough*.

2) I want to learn another language. Fluently. none of this half-assing, “i kind of know spanish so this should be easy and when it’s not i’ll stop trying” shit. i just realized last week that my online rosetta stone has been renewing itself for months without me doing anything about it. i am going to try to dedicate at least an hour a day to learning a language. i’ve already started on italian, so maybe i will continue… but dutch is beginning to sound better and better to me. why? well, for one, i’ll be going to belgium next year for work and that is the main language that they speak. and for two… well… shut up, you don’t know me. 😉

3) I want to stop drinking pop. so really, i’m going to stop drinking pop. i’m usually pretty good about it, but when i’m hungover all i want is something sickeningly sweet or unhealthy. usually both. on that note, i should probably cut back on my alcohol intake as well…

okay, we’ll start by tackling those three things. (reducing alcohol intake is another battle for another day). and then we will self-improve other areas as we see fit.


11 responses to “routine

  1. I love comfortable routine. I always eat shredded cheese and watch the same 30 Rock episodes during the winter.

  2. Hi! On the language part – depends where you are staying in Belgium of course… you got the Flemish who speak Dutch and the Walloons who speak French… where are you going to? I love Antwerp… =) Brussels is tricky – they speak both languages although more skewed towards French… Depending where you go to, French may be better as you’ll a) learn a language more widely spoken worldwide, and b) if you’re in the French part of Belgium you obviously need French and the Dutch you can pick up later on… c) once you’ve learned French you can easily learn Italian and Spanish and even Portuguese… hope that helps? =)

    PS: I already speak seven languages, am brushing up on my Italian right now, but stop drinking pop and improve my guitar (and piano) skills are also on my ‘to do’ list… one day…

    • i am jealous/impressed/inspired by the fact that you know seven languages- it gives me hope! one of the downfalls of being an american is they don’t push for you to learn other languages like other countries do.

      i’m going to antwerp and herentals for sure on the belgium trip, but i have some open days as well. i want to see bruges but have been encouraged to go see ghent because it is more authentic.

  3. Some people just have the knack for it… ask me to add or divide and I can’t do a thing! 😉

    Oh Antwerp is great, love the shopping. Re Brugge and Gent – I’d say see both if you can. They have quite a different feel. Gent is more of a thriving city while Brugge is more of a charming village. Sure it has been done up a bit for tourists, in that sense your peeps are right in saying that Gent is more authentic. But I like Brugge, it’s cute and a nice little day trip. In Gent it’s worth staying a night.

    Good luck with it all!

  4. I’m so used to procrastinating that when I have nothing that needs to be done, I feel very strange.

  5. Do you like Rosetta stone? I have thought about doing that too… I also desperately want to become fluent in Spanish because it would help me out a lot in my job. Let me know, yo!

    • yeah, i do like it, but you definitely have to keep with it and practice- it’s a use it or lose it sort of thing. if you get it for spanish let me know and we can practice conversations (i’m a bit rusty myself).

      • I really think I am going to get it… that would be awesome for us to practice together. We will have Spanish speaking outings! Just like Yenger taught us!!

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