resolve to resoluting

i will admit it- i am terrible about actually keeping resolutions.

but i am AWESOME at making lists. so here we go.

here are my “resolutions” for 2012. i don’t want to set things too much in stone (because some rules are meant to be broken), but these are my top 5 things i hope to accomplish.

5) “i will travel.”

this isn’t even a resolution- it is a blanket fact. russia in february. (hopefully) italy in march. belgium in april. north carolina in may. south dakota in a summer month. singapore in november.

sure, most of the travel is for work, but who’s to say you can’t make work trips fun? this year i have 14 vacation days. i plan to use them up– maybe not one big trip, but a few extra days here and there to explore the cities i’ll be in? you can’t turn that down.

because you know what they say… when in rome (do as many romans as you can?).

4) “i will learn to run outdoors.”

this is a big one for me. i have  a bad knee and i know that i use that as an excuse. but, simply put… i’ve always hated running outside. i would much rather run on an elliptical machine. in a gym. where it’s warm and i can watch tv and listen to music…

but i want to run a 5k this year. actually, i don’t WANT to, but i’m being persuaded to because i have FOMO (fear of missing out) and i don’t want everyone in my office to do this without me. i suppose it would also be nice to have a healthy hobby… and i’ve heard that running is actually enjoyable once you’re in shape. we’ll see i guess. if i hate it, then next year my resolution can be to not listen to my officemates about what is fun and enjoyable.

3) “i will not be a shit show this year.”

this might indirectly hurt my #1 resolution, but i’ve had to eat a few pieces of humble pie the last few weeks and face a realization: my liver and immune system cannot keep up with my heart and ambitions. i can’t keep passing out on couches at 2-4am, fully function for a full day, and repeat. i can’t drink vodka, switch to whiskey, over to beer, shots of whatever liquid is in front of me, and expect to feel normal the next day.

but this doesn’t have to completely do with alcohol either. i will learn to be respectful, to keep my mouth shut, to offer perspective. to take criticism. to be a friend. i will stop enabling people to make bad decisions. …i may even stop making bad decisions myself (but let’s just take this one step at a time).

i’m not saying i’m not going to drink anymore- far from it. i’m just saying i won’t do it every single night i’m in town with my friends. i’m not in college anymore. i don’t need to finish that beer in front of me. i’m gonna make my shit showing a special occasion.

2) “i will love _____.”

this can be filled with many things: my family, my job, my friends, your mom…

i will love this year. whole-heartedly, openly, i am not holding back. i will invest in relationships and make sure the people that mean the most to me realize they do. i will follow through; if i make a promise i will mean it.

i will find what i love to do and i will do it. i will be passionate, i will find meaning.
in the words of bright eyes: my heart has thawed and continues to beat.

1) “i will have more fun than i did in 2011.”

my print-vendor friend Ryan said this to me at lunch one day and it blew me away with how good the resolution was.

don’t get me wrong, 2011 was blast. but can you imagine if you vowed to have more fun in your “now” situation than you did in your past? if you were able to succeed, each and every year of your life would be better than the last. each mistake you made, each laugh you had, each learning experience….

it just gives you a whole new perspective on life. evan and i talk about this sometimes- about how you can either have a negative perception or a positive in the world. how you can have something tragic happen in your life and still look forward and say “but it’s been a good year.” i know that this year will not be perfect, but it’s how i perceive it that will change how i feel.

and i will have so much fun in 2012 you won’t be able to handle it.


One response to “resolve to resoluting

  1. its been great checking your blog site and basically thought I would say bless you and wished I could write like that.

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