these are a few of my favorite things

  • laughing until it hurts
  • traveling
  • showers that are a bit too hot for a normal human to withstand
  • seven minutes in heaven with mike o’brien
  • casey’s pizza – pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives (and green olives if you’ll accept them)
  • inside jokes and irreplaceable memories
  • aimlessly driving around and listening to good music
  • The Party Rock Crew
  • joseph gordon-levitt’s dance scene in (500) Days of Summer
  • really getting to know my grandparents
  • skim milk. and i can taste the difference, don’t patronize me.
  • taking photographs
  • back massages
  • getting mail/email/texts with substance
  • sad eyes (i know, it’s a weakness)
  • sushi (one is a weakness, the other is my drug)
  • starbucks love project. i almost forgot about this.
  • country music. i don’t care if you make fun of me, that’s my roots, baby.
  • hats. i can’t get enough of hats.
  • tanzania and everything/one related to that trip and trips to come
  • cheap sunglasses. i have five pairs (that i remember off the top of my head), which is way too many
  • my mom’s cooking– she’s phenomenal
  • warm rain
  • “family game night”
  • karoake (and monthly carl’s karoake nights that make me stay out until 2am and drag my ass to work the next day)
  • falling asleep holding hands with Evan
  • blue like jazz
  • coffee & conversation
    ^ with Bailey’s
  • 25 years of friendship with Mallory
  • quoting funny lines in movies until other people become annoyed they haven’t seen it yet
  • playing basketball. even though i suck now, i remember when i used to be fairly decent.
  • working at riverside lutheran bible camp and all the amazing people i got to know- and what i learned about myself and what i believe
  • puppies. (who the heck doesn’t like puppies?)
  • when music makes my heart feel like it’s swelling
  • learning surprising things and discovering others’ humanity
  • planning parties and fist-fights with Krista… and all the random situations we find ourselves in.
  • deep, honest, vulnerable talks you’d never think you’d have
  • my mini cooper
  • my favorite male in the world (my nephew). my two nieces. and my broseph and his wife, for being in my life.
  • hickory park. 1/4 chicken dark meat, with hot applesauce and fries as the side. i’m a creature of habit, what can i say?
  • compliments when you least expect them
  • stargazing and feeling small
  • plaid, pearlescent snap up shirts
  • learning. growing. making mistakes. [repeat]

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