a january hymn

i’ll start with a sidenote: there are three songs on my computer with january in the title– january wedding (avett brothers), january hymn (the decemberists), and january 1979 (mewithoutyou). considering i’m not getting married and the other song is quite screamy/harsh, i thought the phrase “a january hymn” was quite beautiful and a wonderful title for a post.

a few years ago i was ambitious and tried to blog every day, covering everything from the grand and fun to the mediocre and average. i may try to do it for a week straight some time later in the year, but for now i thought it would be best to have a monthly post to summarize the feelings.

these are the things i remember most about january 2012:

  • the new year started as a complete shit show. it was a blast, though definitely reminded me that i cannot and will not be doing this every weekend in 2012.

    (starting the night, looking fairly sober)

    (free rides on the down town trolly)

    (this is where the night starts getting hazy…)

    (better than the traditional ball drop)

  • my year-end review at my place of employment went very well. in fact, i couldn’t have made it gone better or more “my way” even if i tried. the praise came at a very good time, i was feeling overwhelmed with workload and a bit bitter… made it all a lot easier to deal with.
  • i got an iphone, officially making me at least 4.7x cooler than i already was.
    i can now instagram and play words with friends with the best of them. (my WWF ratio is  currently 1:10. i have won one game.)
  • my friend jesse just got back from afghanistan. a few of us met in our hometown area to say hi and catch up. it was pretty low key, but very fun.
    ( brennan)
    ^ as a follow up of something completely wonderful and unexpected, the next day a couple of us went out for breakfast. a lady who used to be very open about not liking me (and to be fair, i was the same) served us. we were extremely nice to each other, which made me happier than i anticipated.

…i hope she didn’t spit in my food.
….i am choosing not to think about it.

  • one of my close des moines friends lost his father. he was on vacation in california and his dad and mom were on vacation in the carribbean when it happened. i can’t even start to imagine how that feels, but my heart goes out to the entire family.

so that is my january in a nutshell. it hasn’t been overly exciting in the grand scheme of things, but it has had a lot of ups and downs. a friend of mine has recently pointed out to me that i like to reflect and look back, that i ponder more than most people. i think this is true– and not necessarily something about myself that i want to change. but i do want to make sure that i’m there in the “present,” that i’m making the most of what i’m doing now. i find the easiest way to do that is to look back and see what i would like to change, to be better at, to experience, and then go do that.

decide what to be and go be it.

watch out, february. i’m coming for you.


2 responses to “a january hymn

  1. RIP to Joseph’s dad.

    The last line gave me chills cause it made me think of something Dexter would say! rawr.

  2. tonight’s the night.

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