mo money… mo problems

i don’t make a lot of money.

…but i don’t make a little amount of money either.

the weird thing about me, and i’ll be the first to admit it, is that i like paying bills. i find it soothing- like the money i’ve collected has a purpose. i pay the mortgage, student loans, car payment… and then i assess.

my problem comes after the assessment. i simply do not know what to do with my extra cash. i want to spend it. and usually on stupid things.

now, before we dive into this, do not judge too harshly. i’m not just frivolously throwing around my money (so back off, mooommm). i have a 401k set up through my work and i also contribute 6% of my earnings to it. i donate money every month to my sponsor child in Sri Lanka (his name is Nandakumar and he draws me awesome photos), and i am in the process of setting up a roth ira. i pay more than required on all my loans per month, and my credit score is better than average.

some people i know, my parents included, do not own credit cards because they don’t want any loans. i think that’s completely understandable and very smart. live within your means, don’t make extravagant purchases you can’t afford. work to be come debt free.

but the one thing i simply cannot comprehend, however, is not living now because you are afraid you do not have the cash. people want to save up for retirement, and i get that. they work to pay off student loans, house loans, work to becoming debt free. they want the security, they want to know that they will have the money to do fun things when they get older.

but what about fun things now? i would rather go and test limits, to experience life while i’m in the prime of it. before i have children or any major responsibility that is holding me back from doing exactly what i want, when i want to do it. not that those responsibilities are bad. but they are life changing.

and i am a person who craves instant gratification.

and these are the things i am wanting most right now:

1) a new tattoo. it’s been years since i got a tattoo. i have an appointment scheduled for february 9th- i plan on getting my side tattoo expanded up past my ribs. and then screaming and crying a lot at the pain.

2) little martin guitar. i’ve recently started taking guitar lessons, but i’m not really improving. (granted…i’m not really practicing either, but i digress.) i have really small hands, making it difficult and frustrating to play certain chords. originally i didn’t want to get a smaller guitar because i thought they might look silly. but i’m not delusional. i’m not going to be a famous musician someday. i want to play for my own enjoyment. so i will buy a guitar that i can maneuver. and then i will play.

3) vacation. i am going to belgium for work in april. while that is not the most exciting news ever (though it’s close), what makes it even better is that evan is coming with me. we are taking a few extra days ahead of time to see the country- evan says that he thinks belgium is his “dreamland.” he imagines a lot of biking and beautiful country scenery. i imagine beer and chocolate. i think it’ll be a win-win situation.


6 responses to “mo money… mo problems

  1. I enjoy my Mini-Martin. I’d recommend comparing the sound on the different scale models between Taylor and Martin, as they do very significantly. I almost always lean “Taylor” when given a choice, but on the half-scale travel guitar Martin actually won in terms of tone and all that.

    Also: I preferred being broke in college to having money in college because if I was broke I just knew I couldn’t do or buy stuff. If I had money I was constantly concerned with whether I was spending it wisely. Now that I’m a rich and famous artist I just spend whatever I want. Oh, what? I’m not rich and famous yet? Dang…

  2. This is so so true. Thank you for blogging about it.

  3. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    That’s a great outlook about paying bills. And it sounds like you are extremely responsible with your money, so you should feel just fine about taking the time and money to have fun with life–especially while you’re young (and especially for travel)!

  4. thanks for the positive responses! and for thoughts on the little martin- i’ve heard a lot of people say they are comparable to favorable to baby taylors. now i’m off to frivolously spend money i don’t have, talk to you all later! 🙂 jk.

  5. Hi, I’m from Sri Lanka and I stumbled upon your blog. I love all your travel stories but what I found interesting is that you sponsor a Sri Lankan child. Can you tell me how you came in touch with Nandakumar?

    Just asking. Nothing too serious 🙂

  6. Shyala- i picked Nanadakumar through the agency world vision. there were many children to choose from, but he was young (5 or 6 at the time) and his birthday was on valentine’s day… his photo just spoke to me. i have received a few letters from the family, but mostly he draws me pictures as i think he’s too young to write.

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