mad about march

i know i might be calling it a bit early, guys, but march just MIGHT be the best month of 2012. let me tell you why:

  • for one, i’ll start out the month in russia, then italy immediately following after. who can say that? i’ll get to see cinque terre, the one place above any i want to visit in the world (besides australia. australia is in a category by itself). 
    (^ and yes, i get to see sexy, sad eyed scientists as well. but that’s just icing on the cake.) 
  • in the us, our company pays their employees bi-weekly. this means most months you get paid twice and you pay your bills accordingly. two months of the year you get paid three times. march is one of those months. and while it is NOT actually “extra” cash, it sure as shit feels like it. 
  • on top of that, we get the last 25% of our 2011 bonus in march.
  • …and most likely i will get my federal and state tax returns as well. ROLLING IN THE DOUGH.
  • um, two words for you: march madness. i like college basketball much more than any straight-female-whose-boyfriend-doesn’t-enjoy-watching-sports-on-tv should. but march madness makes me happier than most things in the world.
  • my lasik is paid off. i can see! 
  • sarah is thinking about taking some vacation. if it is a short time and doesn’t require much planning or effort on my part, i may join.
  • i love spring time. march is usually when it starts to get warm, although this winter was nothing to complain about when it came to snow. 

2 responses to “mad about march

  1. Russia and Italy, sounds fantastic. Wish March had something that interesting in store for me, happy travels!

    • Yes, I see on your site that you have been to Cinque Terre– I want to visit there so bad! I am hoping I have some co-workers around that are willing to take me. It’s the one disadvantage of traveling for work, you’re really at the beck and call (and kind will) of other people.

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