when i was an eighth grader (at age 13), my doctor told me at my routine check up that it looked like my growth plates were sealing. standing at a towering 5’3″, the thought didn’t really bother me too much. i was an eighth grader with much more important issues on my hands (like boys) and i wouldn’t worry about adult things until i was an adult.

my junior year of high school (at age 16) my doctor told me that i had gained two pounds from the year before and was now at 112. he said that was not a big number, but since i wasn’t growing any taller, if i continued to gain two pounds every year i would get to a point where i would become obese.

first off… not things you should ever say to a teenage girl. girls already have body complex and confidence issues and a doctor telling you that you might be fat in a few years certainly doesn’t help. but it was laughable at the time because i was ridiculously skinny. ridiculously.

fast forward a few years to my freshman year of college. while most people went off and gained the “freshman fifteen,” i actually lost weight my first year. i wasn’t stressed, i wasn’t unhappy… i just lived on the third floor of a complex that didn’t have elevators. i didn’t drink too much. and apparently my metabolism was still BOOMING as well because i also don’t think i worked out past the required semester of P.E. i had to take (liberal arts school).

okay, now let’s zoom ahead to 2012. eight hours a day at a desk job. i work out very minimally (i hate working out). i cook but i also go out to eat for many meals. i drink… a lot.

and i am still 5’3″, but now i weigh around 130 lbs.

i am not saying i am fat, by any means. i don’t have a complex. but i now get what my doctor was saying– as we get older, we aren’t as active (i was playing volleyball, basketball, track/golf in high school). our metabolism slows down. we start to partake in adult beverages that take up way too much of our calorie count to be healthy. and i have been content to do nothing about it for a long time because, like i said, i don’t look particularly large and… well, that’s all that matters in life, right? 😉 no, that’s not superficial at all.

but pants that i have from four years ago aren’t fitting the same way that they used to. don’t get me wrong- i’m still ecstatic that i can fit into them. but i’m coming to some realizations:

1) my metabolism sucks now. probably because i eat super unhealthy foods and a lot of them.

2) i am not active. i will go to the gym once, maybe twice a week. during basketball season i will play for one night a week. i do kettle bell training here and there… but i’m not getting in the daily exercise that i know i need.

3) i’m not going to lose any weight by the activities listed above. in fact, as a doctor once told me, i’m probably going to continue to gain weight and not grow taller and slowly but surely turn into a little 5’3″ round ball.

and i will not have that. so me, who thrives on challenges and knows i have to do something a bit drastic to get results, has been persuaded by my good friend jenny to try the medifast plan.

medifast is proven to work… which seems like an awesome start to me. it’s 5 pre-created “meals” a day plus one “lean and green” meal you prepare yourself (lean protein like chicken, salmon, beef + veggies). if you follow the program you are guaranteed to lose 2-5 lbs a week. jen thinks i might lose more because “i’m young and active.” the products are sold through take shape for life, a program dedicated to weight loss and healthy living through medifast and… um… other healthy things.

so i’m not going to be ridiculous– i’m not trying to lose a ton of weight. i just want to lose 5-10 lbs and then maintain that weight through a healthier lifestyle. evan and i have recently started eating better, and i’m trying to be more active, but initial steps are difficult and it’s hard to see results right away. i figure if i have something to jumpstart it all i will feel more ambitious to actually improve. plus, like i said, i thrive on challenges. eat these things and lose weight? yeah, i can do that for a week.

(if you’re interested in buying metifast products, buy through my friend jen’s site:

overall, i bought about a week’s worth of food and the total came to $100. that seems like a lot, but it also included shipping and handling (which you don’t have if you spend over $150 on product), and there are also different deals for people who want to continue using products for prolonged periods of times, which i didn’t want to do. overall $100 for 7 days costs me about $14.30 a day. much more than i spend in a day in mason city, but much less than i spend when i’m in des moines. but the thing i like most about it (so far) is that it’s minimal effort on my part- i just have to pay and eat. and lose weight.

genius. i’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how this works for you! good luck!

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