Monthly Archives: September 2012

august was a good month.

oh, august. you threw me for a curve.

as most of you know, evan and i decided to end our relationship. it was a very hard decision for the both of us, and it was a decision that was made with much care and thought. you don’t just throw away 2.5+ years without a certain amount of regard…

we are both okay. i think that’s the main question that i’ve been asked- and i know people are checking in because they genuinely care for the both of us. but yes, we are both okay. i think we are both sad that it had to end and will both be adjusting to not being together, but we are still good friends and talk on a regular basis. we recognized the good times, we apologized for the bad. at this point in our lives it is not practical for us to be together. and that’s all. and that is life.

but it still reminds me of what evan says he’s learned over the years– that you have the choice to either make it a good day or a bad day. a good year or a bad year. bad things can happen, but it’s your perspective and how you choose to react that makes it reality. so, all in all, august was a good month. the day we broke up was a good day.

and here are some other things that happened in august:

  • dexter season 5 came out on DVD. this is a big deal, people.
  • i sold some photography at a local market back in my home town area. i can officially cross that off of my bucket list, which feels nice.
  • my family has gotten big into biking. i have joined them a couple of times on some trails- it’s a lot of fun. it’s nice to leisurely ride around.
  • some of my favorite co-workers flew in to des moines for the world wide scientific meeting. i get to see these people maybe once or twice a year, and they are a guaranteed good time. plus the event was right after evan and my break up, so i was so busy making sure everything ran smoothly it didn’t give me much time to feel sad/bad for myself.
  • i brought a small group back to my hometown of dayton, iowa for the rodeo. every labor day weekend by town of 850 people grows to approximately 10,000. we brought a tent, cowboy attire, and lots and lots of booze.