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lykken boom boom down

another artist that will be featured  on my “iowa” wall is my good friend shawn.

i didn’t commission shawn to do any specific piece for me because, frankly, he probably would’ve turned down the challenge anyway. not because he’s not a fantastic artist (he is) or that he doesn’t have the time (he does)… it, just simply put, is not his style.

shawn is one of my closest friends here in des moines, but he is a complicated person. some say he’s reclusive, some say he’s a bit of a jerk. but he’s neither. he’s just shawn.

194(categories shawn knows things about for trivia)

i seriously make fun of shawn (and his dreamy smirk) more than i do most people, and i’m glad he puts up with me for it. i’m also glad that he lets me have some of his experimental design/screen prints. i have quite a collection going, and each little piece will find a spot on my wall.

the first is this strange little cow that was screen printed onto cardboard at about 4×6″. i’m not sure how it came to be in my possession, but it’s been sitting at my work desk for a few years now. it makes me giggle for a few reasons- the first is that i work for a company that puts ingredients into feed for farm animals, and the cow is a nice little cartoony representation of that. the other reason it makes me giggle is because it’s a freakin’ funny looking cow.


the second piece i admittedly stole from him. both shawn and i (and a numerous amount of other talented artists) did posters for the ‘pour over poster show’ at mars cafe. the posters had to have some sort of a coffee theme. shawn’s was my favorite (maybe second favorite, curtis had a pretty fantastic one featuring the grim reaper), and i made sure to take one from him after the show was over. the poster was originally 12×19 but i cut it down to 11×17 so it would fit in a frame.


the last piece i butchered, which makes me a bit sad because it was only a 1/10 print run, but i needed a smaller size. and really, it’s all about me.

a four color screen print? the kid is nuts.


shawn also does web design, illustrations, and screen printing for his job. he does take on a few selective freelance projects, so if you like his style, hit him up at to talk biznis.