art and nakedness and being straight

the next piece of art was done by a long lost friend of mine, ms. emily.

i knew emily back in the day where she was the coolest cat to roam the block. not that she’s not cool anymore, but we just sort of lost touch over the years. she moved out to seattle, i moved to des moines; she got even cooler, i kind of evened out…

…so naturally, when i found out she not only had moved back to iowa but also had an art show in iowa city, i wanted to go. i knew from the past that she was talented and it fit in with what i was trying to accomplish with my iowa art wall so it seemed like a natural fit. unfortunately (or maybe just lazily), i knew i wouldn’t be able to make the actual show, so i asked her to send me photographs of the pieces so i could pick one out.

she did.

surprise! they’re of boobies.

2013-07-30 22.31.24 2013-07-30 22.26.18

2013-07-30 22.29.25

well done boobies, don’t get me wrong. artistic, well painted, and done in a way that would make me proudly display them on my wall. just such a shock when i opened up the first one because it was a) not what i was expecting and b) especially from someone who i had taught at church camp with. i mean, not that either of us probably come across as super religious now… maybe that was a moot point.

and yes, i realize this is coming across as super immature. just because we are straight women doesn’t mean we can’t draw and purchase naked women art without judgement.  and i did like a few of them that i was toying around with buying (see above); they were good. but, overall it boiled down to that they just really weren’t my cup of boobs tea. and then i found this one:

2013-07-30 22.30.36

…i absolutely LOVE this one.

i love its androgynousness. at first i thought it was another female photo until i looked a bit closer and realized it was a male. i love how the rest of them are fairly vertical or square and this one stands out. i’m usually not into water colors or nakedness, but i’m into both on this.

i had made a deal with emily that i could buy the piece on discount after the show, but immediately regretted my decision after i realized someone else could buy it during the month it was displayed. but i wanted the full commission to go to emily and not to the venue so i had to wait until the show was over… lucky for me it was one of the few that were still available. i snatched it up before anyone else had a chance (which was great timing on my part, because the person i showed them to tried to buy that one immediately after i put my money down). i even paid more than the asking price because i like it so much, so i should’ve just did that up front instead of waiting in suspense like an an idiot for a month.

emily still has a few pieces that are available- you can contact her at if you are interested. and you should be.

Emily's Art


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