Items for sale

I’m selling/bartering/trading all of the items below. Let me know if you’re interested in anything.

OrangeCream Dress

Orange and cream strapless striped dress
US-Small (European 34/36). 67cm long.
USED: I’ve worn it two times, if my memory recalls. Both times in Belgium (once before I moved here). I like the dress, it’s a cool style. There’s an exposed zipper in the back that makes you look like a badass. I just don’t have the boobs for it. 🙂

SoCal Red Dress

Red Bungalow style dress
US-Small (European 34/36).
NEW: I’ve tried it on and I like the way it looks, but I originally thought it was a darker/richer red than it really is. Because of the color misjudgment, I already have a dress that’s too similar to this one to justify owning both. And the other has a less complicated collar line, so it wins.

Paisley Western Dress

Navy, white, and red bandana dress
US-Small (European 34/36). 93 cm long.
USED: Worn once to the Dayton Rodeo. Because, ‘merica. Besides being all cute and paisley, this dress has an elastic waistline so it can expand with you. It’s a dress you can grow old (and wider) with.

Teal Mesh Dress

Teal dress with a mesh overlay
US-Small (European 34/36). 90 cm long.
NEW: Never before worn. It’s cute, but I always seem to always choose other items over it. I’m not even putting much thought or detail in this description. That’s how much I overlook it.

BlackWhiteStripped Yellow Accent Tank Dress

Black & white stripped dress with bright yellow accent
US-Small (European 34/36).
NEW: Never before worn. Hanging in a closet in the USA currently, but can have it here by June.

Navy Dress Embroidered collar

Navy dress with sparkly ivory collar
US-Medium (European 38/40).
NEW: Never before worn. Friends with the previously mentioned dress, they are chilling together in a closet in the USA. Can have it here by June.

Black GoldMesh Dress

Black dress with golden floral meshing.
US-Medium (European 38/40). 91,5 cm long.
USED: Worn once, in Vegas. But no need to worry, the dress stayed on, I promise. 😉 (But I can’t tell you anything else, because “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”)

NavyGold Evening Dress

Navy dress with ivory accent
US-Medium (European 38/40). 91,5 cm long.
NEW: Never before worn. I bought it to wear to a press conference/dinner, but ended up finding a dress I loved more and completely forgot about this one. When I finally got around to trying it on I found that this dress is perfect and beautiful, it just fits my body weird.

Purple Sparkle Dress

Purple dress with silver sequin collar
US-Medium (European 38/40). 89 cm long.
USED: I wore it once to a dinner party. The party was kind of a let down, but the dress was really nice.

Red Chevron Tank

Red and white chevron tank
US-Small. Well, it says it’s a small but THIS IS A LIE THIS SHIRT IS HUGE.
USED: I’ve worn the shirt a few times, but with an accent belt. The shirt is seriously very big. But you know what they say, right? The bigger, the cuter.

PinkishRed Striped Shirt

Red and white stripped peplum shirt
USED: Whoever invented peplum should die or at least catch some scary STD. Peplum shirts make me look chubby. Or maybe I’m just too chubby to show off this cute shirt. Anyway, you want it? It’s yours.

Pink Heart Top

Reddish-Pink Heart Top
USED: I’ve worn the shirt a few times, but honestly, it’s just a bit too girlie for me. I mean, it has heart buttons. Gross. It’s also very tight and form fitting; fits more like a small than a medium.

Peach Blouse

Peach button up with black collar
USED: How mod of you. Retro style peach button up. Again, peplum, though not as noticeable as the other. It’s something that I would continue to wear, but if someone likes it more than me, they are welcomed to it.

Peacock Heels

Peacock heels
US-7 / 37.5
USED: They don’t do half sizes in this so I sized up to be safe… and then I immediately regretted my decision as they were too big. I tried to wear them and even put in some grips and padding, but ultimately, they aren’t going to work. Only worn two times or so. And these are my favorite shoe. I just bought them in a flat (size 6), though, so I’m not too broken up about it.

Tall Grey Boots3

Grey tall boots
US-6.5 / 37
NEW: Bought these tall beauties because I thought they’d make me look like I was kicking ass with a long sword or riding horses through the countryside. Instead they make me look like a child putting on her mother’s shoes to play dress up. They are way too tall for me and come up past my knee. Yeah, that’s not going to work.

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