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march madness

i’ve been talking march up for months now. how good the month is going to be, how much i was looking forward to it…

well, march. you didn’t disappoint.

here are some highlights from my month of march.

  • i got to spend the first day of march hanging out with two of the coolest cats that kemin has to offer. jim, frank, and i went and toured around st. petersburg. we went to two cathedrals and had lunch at this really great indian restaurant. (it was also frank/my niece’s birthday!)

  • i got to return to italy. though it wasn’t as great as i had anticipated (i think the rose-colored glasses are coming off for the country for me), it was still an amazing time. and i got to see my favorite sad-eyed scientist, who looks just as good as ever.
  • made it home just in time (literally, just in time, i arrived in dsm at 4:30 on this day) for carl’s karaoke. i stayed up until around 1am in hopes it would cure my jetlag. yeah… that’s why i stayed up that late (anyone else buying this?)
  • my niece/goddaughter turned 5. i was out of the country for her actual birthday, but we had a party for her that weekend. she’s ridiculous, a handful, a whole lotta trouble… and i love her for it all.
  • bonus checks, what what? well, a small part of our bonus checks leftover from 2011, but i’m not going to complain about extra money. i just won’t.
  • double karaoke? how did a girl get so lucky? one of sarah’s coworkers was moving back to england, so they threw him a going away party at our local favorite, carl’s place.
  • speaking of moving away- my good friend meredith, member of the #PartyRockCrew, moved away to san diego. she got another job with the non-profit group invisible children and couldn’t turn it down. we had a great going away party for her too. …at carl’s.
  • evan. evan was great this month. i got back home to find the house clean (which is a feat in itself), new stairs to the basement, an automatic garage door opener installed for my mini, and lots of hugs and kisses. he then taught me how to drive a stick (hehe, if you know what i mean) and volunteered to play my favorite board game… which he got addicted to.
  • st patrick’s day. ’nuff said.

  • two words: MARCH MADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. i’m a tar heel born. i’m a tar heel bred. and when i die i’ll be a tar heel dead. rah rah carolina-lina–rah rah rah! and they definitely would’ve been in the finals if white hadn’t broken his wrist. i won’t fight you about it. it’s just a fact.
  • “draw something” app for the iphone. oh gawd. newest great find. i’ll have to make a  post in itself of funny photos sent through draw something.
  • The Hunger Games midnight premiere.

mad about march

i know i might be calling it a bit early, guys, but march just MIGHT be the best month of 2012. let me tell you why:

  • for one, i’ll start out the month in russia, then italy immediately following after. who can say that? i’ll get to see cinque terre, the one place above any i want to visit in the world (besides australia. australia is in a category by itself). 
    (^ and yes, i get to see sexy, sad eyed scientists as well. but that’s just icing on the cake.) 
  • in the us, our company pays their employees bi-weekly. this means most months you get paid twice and you pay your bills accordingly. two months of the year you get paid three times. march is one of those months. and while it is NOT actually “extra” cash, it sure as shit feels like it. 
  • on top of that, we get the last 25% of our 2011 bonus in march.
  • …and most likely i will get my federal and state tax returns as well. ROLLING IN THE DOUGH.
  • um, two words for you: march madness. i like college basketball much more than any straight-female-whose-boyfriend-doesn’t-enjoy-watching-sports-on-tv should. but march madness makes me happier than most things in the world.
  • my lasik is paid off. i can see! 
  • sarah is thinking about taking some vacation. if it is a short time and doesn’t require much planning or effort on my part, i may join.
  • i love spring time. march is usually when it starts to get warm, although this winter was nothing to complain about when it came to snow.